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NWCC Brand

The Northwest Community College brand is very important. It is our essence. It identifies us, and makes us instantly recognizable. It sets NWCC apart and tells our story — who we are, what we believe in and what makes us special. Our brand helps raise NWCC's profile, reputation and confirms our credibility by expressing our uniqueness in a memorable, compelling and consistent manner.

The NWCC brand is expressed in part by colours, fonts and images. These are very important but most critically, NWCC brand is represented by every interaction that every member of the College community has with the people and communities we serve.

The Communications Team is committed to developing and sustaining the excellence of the NWCC brand. The team creates the supports that help you best represent the College and spells out the requirements of the brand to ensure NWCC's visual and graphic image is upheld.

NWCC Logos

Northwest Community College's official logos are its strongest and most immediate visual identifiers. Logos validate the authorized nature of correspondence, publications, websites, and other NWCC products. 

Permission to use NWCC Logos
Occasionally, NWCC is a partner or ally of an external agency, funder or partnership that, as lead partner, generates shared documents or web sites. In such a case, the NWCC logo must be prominently displayed. Partner logos (with permission of partner) may be included in NWCC template documents.

To obtain files of an official NWCC logo for partner initiatives and events, please contact our Communications Team.