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Northwest Community College Board

The Northwest Community College Board of Governors, working in concert with the College's Education Council, and according to provincial legislation, represents the people of the northwest region in determining appropriate organizational performance.

The Board approaches its task in a manner which emphasizes strategic leadership more than administrative detail, clear distinction of Board and staff roles, future rather than past or present, and proactivity.

Board attendance at graduations and events

To contact board members, please phone the Board of Governors' office at 250.638-5491. To invite the Board to events, please contact Kimberly Quibell, Executive Assistant to the Board of Governors via email: Please address requests for an event speaker to the Board Chair, who will officiate or designate an alternate.

Board appointment process

The Board Resourcing and Development Office (BRDO) is responsible for establishing guidelines for appointments and monitoring the process. The Ministry of Advanced Education recommends the appointment of a candidate to the Lieutenant Governor in Council. For information on how to apply for a Board position see Board Resourcing and Development Office.

Student Election

The student representatives of the College Board must reflect the different programs of the institution. Therefore, the person receiving the highest number of votes will be declared to one position. The student receiving the next highest number of votes, who is in a different program from the first highest, will be declared elected to the second position.

Notice of Election

The Board of Governors currently has a call for student nominations for the October 2017 - September 2018 term of office.  

Nominations close on September 19, 2017.

Please visit the Board of Governors Election page for nomination forms, election dates and eligibility requirements.

For additional student elections please visit the Education Council or First Nations Coucil.