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Admissions for International Students

Northwest Community College invites international students to start their Canadian educational journey in a region of British Columbia rich in history, culture and outdoor adventure.  To be eligible to study as an international student, following criteria must be satisfied:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Successful completion of the highest level of secondary education available in your home country.
  • Submit official transcripts from all education institutions attended:
    • Official transcript means the document is received by NWCC in a sealed envelope from the sending institution and it includes the official seal or signature of that institution.
    • A notarized translation must accompany any transcripts that are not in English; also if you have completed the West African Examination Council Exams we must be supplied with scratch card information so results may be verified.
  • Satisfy the entrance requirements specific to your chosen program. Alternative courses and tests are available to satisfy the English requirements for all programs.
    • English as a Second Language (ESL) and Career and College Preparation (CCP) courses have internal placement assessments to determine appropriate placement.

Learn more about the College and the region by visiting the International Students information page.

Admission Process

Step 1
Submit an application form, transcripts and pay the application fee ($100 CDN - non-refundable).

Step 2

Once you have met the requirements for your chosen program, you will be provisionally accepted into the program and must pay a deposit of 50% of your first year tuition fees. Your study permit authorization will be sent upon receipt of this payment.

Visit the Government of Canada site for current information about  documentation required to Study in Canada. If you think you might want to travel to the United States of America during the time that you are in Canada, you should apply for a US Visa while you are still in your home country.  In British Columbia, International students are required to have a valid Medical Service Plan (MSP).

Step 3
All International students are asked to arrive at the Northwest Community College campus five (5) days before scheduled classes start. Please notify the Registrar's Office of your planned arrival date.

Step 4
When you arrive, you should come to registration at Northwest Community College located in Terrace, Smithers and Prince Rupert, to confirm your arrival and to finalize details regarding accommodation and payment of the balance of your fees.

Start Dates

As Visa processing can take many weeks or months, applicants who do not possess a valid student permit are required to apply by the deadlines below.  Students in possession of a student permit can apply closer to the start date.





Fall Semester
(August to December)

May 15

5 days before start of classes

Winter Semester
(January to April)
September 10 5 days before start of classes
Spring Semester
(May to August)
December 15 5 days before start of classes
Please note: It is recommended that you apply at least 6 months before the start of the semester to allow time for processing of your Student Visa application.