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Every type of organization is looking to employ people with strong business skills

NWCC's business programs give you credentials and expertise needed to get ahead in today's competitive workplace.  Study part-time, full-time, online and in-class. 

Applied Business Technology | Certificate
Gain job-ready administrative skills through our flexible online program.  Specialized options in accounting, administration assistant or office assistant.

Business Administration | Certificate or Diploma
Pursue a career in business and finance. With our one-year certificate or two-year diploma, NWCC helps take you where you want to go. 

Entrepreneurship | Certificate
Make your business plan a reality. We will help you develop a marketing and communication strategy to bring your idea to market. You'll also earn 21 transfer credits towards our Business Administration Diploma.

Post-Degree Business | Diploma
Expand your career into the world of business.  Support your existing undergraduate degree and acquire skills for business managers and entrepreneurs. 

Public Administration | Certificate
Are you working in local and First Nations government and interested in professional development? Our part-time program was designed with your needs in mind.  Gain a broader understanding of government functions in BC and enjoy opportunities to network.


Summer business courses at NWCC

With various courses offered all summer long, we're open for business at NWCC. Register today!


Business Ethics | Ethics 150
Explore theories and learn how to apply ethical reasoning to issues facing organizations. Throughout this course you will examine ethical principles and the various ways in which business professionals and ethical theorists address issues that commonly arise in the business world.

May 1 - 31
Face-to-face in Terrace, VC'ed to other locations
Mon - Thu  |  9:30am - 12pm


Taxation 2 | Taxation 251
Focus on tax planning techniques for businesses and corporations with our introductory course in Canadian Corporate Income Tax. We’ll also review selected specialized topics in taxation such as rollovers and corporate reorganizations to identify situations that could result in tax savings.

May 10 - Aug 16
Face-to-face in Prince Rupert, VC'ed to other locations
Wed  |  6pm - 9pm


Labour Relations | Management 253
Participate in a major contract negotiation simulation and study the history and present system of trade unionism, collective bargaining, contract interpretation and labour relations law.

Get it done in two weekends!
Terrace campus
May 11 - 13  |  9am - 5pm 
May 25 - 27  |  9am - 5pm


Financial Accounting 1 | Accounting 150
Learn the basic methodology and logic of: recording transactions and maintaining books of account for service and merchandising; preparation and interpretation of financial statements; recording, reconciling and valuing cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and plant and equipment.

June 5 - July 26
Face-to-face in Terrace, VC'ed to other locations
Mon, Wed, Thu  |  10am - 12pm


Rural Challenges in Marketing | Marketing 150
During this exciting field study, play an active role in marketing local businesses and non-profit organizations in the Terrace area.  Get out of the classroom to perform research and assist local organizations in designing a marketing strategy that meets the need of their customers.

July 31 - Aug 17
Terrace campus
Mon - Fri  |  9am - 4pm