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EDCP 050 Education and Career Planning

Education and Career Planning is a course designed to help students with employability readiness and life skills. The course focuses on a range of core skills that will assist students in preparing for entering (or re-entering) employment as well as planning for educational goals within a changing and diverse world. The course is designed around six core modules which lead students from a self assessment of their present life situation to learning to take charge of their lives through goal setting and planning. Students will learn about communication skills such as conflict resolution and assertive communication. Nutrition, mental health, financial planning, and study skills are also covered. In the final module, students learn about career searching strategies, how to prepare a resume and cover letter and how to prepare for an interview. The final outcome of the course will be a series of action plans, which will outline students’ career and educational goals in the form of a portfolio containing material from all six modules.

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

ENGL 040 or ENGL 045 and CPST 040.