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Entrepreneurial spirit inspires higher education

Madison Greening was fresh out of high school when she took over janitorial contracts from someone who retired. Starting her own cleaning business prompted Madison to pursue a Business Administration Diploma at NWCC. Running a business allows her to balance studies with work and help pay for her tuition. The flexibility of online courses also helps Madison complete the courses she needs.

Madison admittedly didn’t like school when she was growing up, but has learned that college is a different experience. “You get to study things that interest you and it gets you thinking about what you want to do,” says Madison. “I am in the Business Administration program because I feel it will open more doors for me in the future.”

The time management skills Madison has developed at NWCC have helped with her business endeavours and the courses are relevant for any setting. “The Business Administration program is versatile and can transfer to any industry,” says Madison, “I especially found business communications can apply to any job, including the work I do.”

Madison hasn’t made any definitive decisions for her future after college but the opportunities are endless. With the skills she is learning at NWCC Madison will have a solid base for whatever it is she decides to pursue.