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Arendt, Hondo - MA

College Professor - History, Political Science
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Prince Rupert Campus

Hondo Arendt was born in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.  He moved a lot growing up and has lived in a dozen different BC towns.  He spent eight years at UBC where he collected a Bachelors Degree in History and Political Science, a Bachelors Degree in Education, and a Masters Degree in History.  He was married right after graduation and moved to Kincolith, BC.  He started working at NWCC in 1992 and moved to Prince Rupert in 1996.  He’s raised three daughters in the city and is now the longest service University Credit instructor at the college.  Hondo has been interested in the concept of Sustainability for many years and believes that the need for embracing Sustainability has become critical as the world continues to experience rapid population growth, climate change, and the expansion of economic models that can not last.  He has been active in the Green movement and has been a candidate for the Green Party during four elections.  Hondo enjoys the outdoors, sports, games, and classes that are both fun and informative.