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Financial Aid - External Awards

The Trust Compass aims to be your most complete resource for reviews on health, tech and the great outdoors. We are readying our annual $3000 The Trust Compass scholarship program for 2017. It’s open to anyone who has a creative slant of mind and has something innovative to contribute to us through their ability to write compelling content. We are looking for students from universities and colleges to make their mark here. High school students or students below the age of 18, you need to get consent from your parents or legal guardians. If you possess a strong narrative capability along with the bent of mind to relate to product, then you are the person we are looking for!

$1 000.00
June 25

TransCanada supports education and training initiatives that benefit the communities where we operate and provide a skilled future workforce for our industry. We are currently seeking applicants for the TransCanada Empower Communities Scholarships program. The program offers three scholarships to students who live in the communities where we do business across Canada and the US:

  • TransCanada Trades Scholarship
  • TransCanada Indigenous Legacy Scholarship
  • TransCanada Community Leaders Scholarship
April 15

At Trekking Pole Reviews we recognize that the investment in knowledge pays the best interest for the future. That is why we are excited to announce the creation of an annual college / technical school scholarship for high school, undergraduate and graduate students. Having such a wide exposure to different trekking poles, we feel that we can give a unique perspective of what constitutes a good trekking pole and what will probably be a good fit for you too

$1 250.00
March 31 & August 31

Wallet Hacks is a personal finance blog that shares the money hacks, shortcuts, and cheat codes to getting ahead financially and in life. Financial freedom means different things to different people. It takes on many forms. For some, it looks like endless rounds of golf on a sunny day with no wind. For others, it’s sitting on a beach with a good book. To others, it’s being able to volunteer for a cause.

$1 000.00
August 1st

YVRAF, in collaboration with corporate sponsors, offers an art scholarship to Aboriginal youth 25 years of age and younger residing in BC. This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis for youth who wish to develop their artistic potential in traditional Northwest Coast Aboriginal art.

February 1