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The International Student Ambassador Scholarship for Post-Secondary Entry is for international students graduating from a B.C. public school, independent school, or B.C.-certified offshore school and moving into public post-secondary institutions or a degree program at authorized private degree-granting institutions. B.C. school districts, independent schools, or B.C.-certified offshore schools must nominate an international student and submit the application on the student’s behalf. There are 60 entrance scholarships in the inaugural year, with 20 awards allocated to students from the People’s Republic of China, 20 awards for students from Japan, and 20 awards for students from the Republic of Korea. Eligibility for international students from additional countries may be included in subsequent years. There is a separate application form for 60 additional entrance scholarships for international students entering B.C. public or independent schools.

Northwest Community College offers 2 annual Entrance Scholarships of $1000 each to applicants from our sister city, Qinhuangdao, China. To apply, complete the Entrance Scholarship Application form below and email to

Successful applicants can apply this scholarship to tuition fees.

$1 000.00
May 31