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Sponsorship Information

If you are sponsored to come to school by a Band, an employer or government agency (must be from a third party – cannot be a relative) your sponsor must provide a letter to Northwest Community College. Northwest Community College will use this letter to bill your sponsor.

The sponsor letter should contain the following:

  • Full legal name as you are registered at Northwest Community College. Use of preferred name on the form makes it difficult for the College to determine who the sponsorship is for. 
  • Your student number (if you do not know your student ID, please include your date of birth).
  • The program or course you are registered and the term the course starts.
  • What type of charges the sponsor is willing to pay on your behalf providing as much detail as possible. These charges could include the non-refundable commitment fee, tuition fees, mandatory fees, student association fees, books, supplies, material fees, residence or any other billing items.  Please note, any fees not covered by the sponsor are the responsiblity of the student.
  • The maximum allowable amount the sponsor is willing to pay per term (if there is a maximum).

All sponsorship letters and documentation can be faxed, mailed or emailed to (regardless of the campus the sponsored student will be attending):

Northwest Community College
5331 McConnell Ave.
Terrace, BC V8G 4X2
Fax: 250-638-5432 Email:

All sponsorship letters should be submitted into Registration prior to the fee payment deadline. Your sponsor will then be billed at a later date. 

Note: Information will not be released to your sponsor without a ‘Release of Student Information Authorization’ form signed by you.