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Financial Aid

Impact of Giving

When you give to the NWCC Foundation, we can provide more financial opportunities for students to receive a quality education. Your investment in NWCC allows you to participate in something you believe in. A donation to NWCC can make a difference to a student or to a department that will help our students suceed. You leave a legacy for others to follow.

Going to school after high school can be costly:

From Stats Canada

"Canadian full-time students in undergraduate programs paid, on average, $6,373 in tuition fees for the 2016/2017 academic year, 2.8% higher than the 2015/2016 average ($6,201). This increase was smaller than the 3.2% rise in tuition fees recorded in 2015/2016."

Charitable Tax Benefits 

You can calculate the benefits of making a donation by using the charitable donation tax credit calculator provided by the Canada Revenue Agency.  You may also be eligible for the first time donor’s super credit which supplements the value of the charitable donations tax credit by 25%.  Learn more about the CRA first-time donor’s super credit.