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From NWCC to the nation's capital.

“I began to discover a political interest a very young age,” said Matthew. “My grandfather was always interested in politics so we had lots to talk about and it was a great thing to connect over.”

Now Matthew Simpson finds himself politically active in Ottawa, a city he loves.

“There is a ton of heritage and parliamentary activity so what better place is there to learn about political science in Canada?” he said. “Plus, I have always been an Ottawa Senators fan, so the hockey games are fantastic.”

When he graduated from high school in 2014 he was unsure of where his educational path would lead.

“I didn’t really have great study skills when I was in high school,” said Matthew.  “And I felt intimidated about going to university without a better sense of what I wanted to do with my life.”

In the fall of 2014, Matthew enrolled in first-year university credit courses at NWCC. Where he built a work ethic and study skills, and the campus support network also helped him to discover new opportunities.

“Just talking to an Educational Advisor at NWCC was easier than it is at a huge university,” he said. “I also found the small classroom discussions where I learned a lot about myself and from my classmates.”

Matthew credits his Political Science professor, Dina Von Hahn, with helping him reach his full potential.

“She always told me that I should be confident in my study skills and that they would lead to my success at university and beyond.”

Matthew soon applied his new found work ethic by transferring his first year of studies and attending Carlton University in Ottawa the next academic year.

His major? Political Science. And although it was a big adjustment, Matthew was able to keep up.

“At first, it was hard to attend a lecture hall with over 800 students because the atmosphere was so dry and different from the classes I had taken at NWCC,” he said. “But I had learned a lot about taking notes and keeping up on my reading so that was super helpful.”

Not only has Matthew been a busy university student and hockey fan, but he also volunteers at Skeena-Bulkley Valley Member of Parliament, Nathan Cullen’s office in Ottawa. Experience to expand on the knowledge he’s gaining at the university.

“I have another three semesters to finish, and then I’ll have my political science degree,” said Matthew. “I know that my path will lead to a career in politics and I know that I will return to Terrace as this is, and will always be, my home.”

NWCC looks forward to hearing about Matthew’s continued success as he pursues his passion for politics.

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