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BCIT Guaranteed Admission

Pursue a career in the field of Forensic Sciences or Crime and Intelligence Analysis.

Northwest Community College has partnered with BCIT to offer a guaranteed admissions pathway.  Complete your two-year Criminology Diploma at NWCC and transfer to BCIT to complete your Bachelor of Technology degree in Forensic Investigation in one of the following options:

Pathway Requirements 

In order to be guaranteed admission direct into the third year of the Bachelor of Technology you must meet the following criteria:

  • Apply direct to BCIT
  • Submit transcripts demonstrating successful completion of the Criminology Diploma with a minimum GPA of 2.0 (calculated on the most recent 60 credits)
  • Meet the following requirements specific to the program option:

Crime and Intelligence Analysis Option:

  • Completion of appropriate bridging courses (GIS and Computer Database Applications).  Contact Michael Brandt for details.

Forensic Science Option:

  • Completion of appropriate elective courses in Biology and Chemistry.   Contact Michael Brandt for a list of applicable courses.

Note that your complete duration of studies is dependent on your individual study plan.  For more information, please discuss with an Educational Advisor.

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