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January 13, 2017

Do you know Kimberley Wilson? The name may not ring any bells, but if you are a woman attending class on the Terrace campus, you’ve likely seen her work.


Kimberley is a first year college and career preparation student who is behind the prominent sticky note project that has taken over the women’s washrooms since September.


Each of the colourful notes has a positive and uplifting message written on it. With overarching themes of encouragement, self-confidence and triumph, they aim to help readers get through life’s difficulties.


Statements like: ‘you can do this;’ ‘you are so important;’ and ‘you are beautiful;’ have brought positivity into the lives of staff, faculty and students. Up until recently no one knew who was behind the movement.


Accessibility services coordinator, Kezia Sinkewicz wanted to change that. She sought out, the then anonymous, Kimberley to recognize her efforts.


“I heard it was brightening many people’s day and when I found out who was creating the buzz, I wasn't surprised,” said Kezia. “Kimberley is a very sincere, kind and upbeat student who deserves to be recognized; especially because she wasn't doing it for the recognition.”


Kimberley began this project in April 2016 while attending Caledonia Senior Secondary School in Terrace. She was inspired by an email she received for a scholarship application that required applicants to complete a good will styled task; the sticky note project being one of them. Though she never applied for the scholarship, Kimberley thought it was a great idea.


“Most of [the notes] I come up with by myself, but for some of them I get inspiration from the internet, posters or quotes,” said Kimberley, who shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. “I did it every single day at Caledonia and I do it every single day here.”


Kimberley is attending NWCC to upgrade her math and has big dreams for her future. She plans to complete her degree locally and thanks to NWCC’s transfer agreements, she is able to do just that. Kimberley plans to do her first two years at NWCC and from there, go on to attain her Bachelor’s of Education from UNBC in Terrace.


“Being a teacher has been my dream since I was 11 years old. I also wanted to be a superhero, which I kind of feel like with this project,” said Kimberley. “I’ve always considered teachers to be [superheroes too].”


When asked why she believes it’s important to do initiatives like this, Kimberley recalled a very rewarding moment.


She walked into the women’s washroom and discovered a response on a post she had written. The original note said, “Feel your heart beat. That is your purpose,” to which the woman replied, “Thank you, I was going to give up today.”


It is reactions like this, which signal to Kimberley that she is doing something right.  She finds so much joy with the project that she also does it at her part-time job and is certain it will be something she continues as a teacher and beyond.


Thank you Kimberley, for adding such value to the NWCC community.