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The Youth Train in Trades (YTT) program is an Industry Training Authority (ITA) youth initiative that provides financial support to school districts/Board Authorities to provide industry training opportunities to youth in partnership with post-secondary training providers.

YTT program is a dual-credit program that enables eligible students to earn high school graduation credits and the opportunity to receive credit for the first level of technical training in an Industry Training Authority (ITA) program.

A YTT student can participate in work experience placements where they earn work-based training (WBT) hours. WBT is an important component of YTT as it provides valuable industry experience and assists student transition from school into the workplace


A participant in the YTT program is eligible for registration if they are enrolled in a BC Ministry of Education graduation program, aged 19 and under and registered with the ITA as a youth apprentice in an YTT prior to graduation. Once accepted, students spend one or more semesters at Northwest Community College (NWCC) receiving training in the Trades Program they have applied for. Please see individual Trades Program page for details of each program.

See NWCC Trades Foundation Programs Web pages for program descriptions.

What is a YTT program?

YTT is the technical training component of an industry training program (usually an apprenticeship) for high school students. Successful completion of a YTT program will give credit for at least level one technical training (in-class) component of your Industry training Program and because it is a ‘dual credit’ program students also receive secondary school graduation credits. To learn more about YTT see the YTT page in the youth section of the ITA website

What is the Youth Work in Trades (YWT) program?

YWT is the work-based training (WBT) component of an industry training program (usually an apprenticeship) for high school students. Upon completion of YWT, students will have completed 480 WBT hours towards their credential and earned 16 secondary school graduation credits. To learn more about YWT see the page in the youth section of the ITA website

or the educator resources at

Can students be enrolled in SSA and YYT at the same time?

Yes, in fact it is encouraged! Apprenticeship continuation rates 18 months after graduation are much higher (over 70 %) for students that taken technical training through ACE IT and have started their work based training with a sponsor employer as a Secondary 


Program Outline 

Please see individual trades under Programs and Courses for program outlines.

Career Opportunities 

Please see individual trades under Trades Training programs. 

Admission Requirements 

As the YOUTH TRAIN program is a partnership with local School Districts, students must not only meet the Trade Program Admission Requirements (see individual program) they must also meet the requirements of each School District before entering the program (Please contact your school counselor for details).

Youth Train in Trades Application form here 

YYT students will also be asked to sign a Release of Student Information Authorization form. If you have any questions regarding this form please speak with your Admissions Officer or Trades Coordinator. 

** Please note each School District also has an application package for students to fill out which include should include an NWCC YYT application. (Please contact your school counselor for details).

For busrary information click here 


Dates and Locations 

Please see individual foundation program pages for date offerings. 

Program Fees 

Tuition fees are paid by the Industry Training Authority (ITA) through your local school district. To apply for YYT, contact your high school counsellor.

For more information about ACE IT, check the ITA Web site or contact the Trades Programs Coordinator at NWCC.

Kevin Jeffery, Trades Program Coordinator

Phone: 1.877.277.2288 ext 5239

Cell: 250.631.7109