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Automotive Service Technician - Foundation Training


The Automotive Service Technician Foundation Training gives students the technical skills and knowledge to repair, adjust and replace mechanical parts in automobiles and light trucks. The full-time, 30-week program covers all the theory and practical components necessary for the first-year Automotive Service Technician Certificate, and provides a complement of valuable industry skills.

Program Outline 
  • AUTOF 18000 Workplace safety
  • AUTOF 18001 Employability Skills
  • AUTOF 18002 Tools and Equipment
  • AUTOF 18003 General Automotive Maintenance
  • AUTOF 18004 General Automotive Practices
  • AUTOF 18005 Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • AUTOF 18006 Brake Systems
  • AUTOF 18007 Steering Systems
  • AUTOF 18008 Suspension Systems
  • AUTOF 18009 Final Examination - Level I
  • AUTOF 18010 Optional Practicum
Career Opportunities 

Graduates can expect to find employment as automotive service technician apprentices, lube technicians, tire repair technicians, parts persons, brake and muffler installers, or other foundation positions in automotive service industries.

Admission Requirements 
  • Grade 12 Graduation Required OR Mature Student 
  • English 10 or equivalent 
  •  Apprenticeship Workplace Math 10 or higher 
  • Successful completion of a CAT Assessment Test, OR
  • Permission of Instructor.

Unless otherwise noted, "Permission of Instructor" may be used to accept a student into a course(s) when the student does not meet course prerequisites and/or does not attain the required threshold on entry assessments. See the Admission and Registration section on the website for details on this policy.

Learners should be aware that many employers require Grade 12 completion.

Trades learners are encouraged to enhance their employability by enrolling in Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 1. OFA courses are scheduled throughout the year at NWCC.

Dates and Locations 
Terrace   September 5, 2017 April 20, 2018
Program Fees 
AST FOUNDATION TRAINING PROGRAM FEES Full-time (30 Weeks) International (30 Weeks)
Tuition: $2057.10 $6171.60
*Student Association Fee: $62.76 $62.76
*Canadian Federation of Students Fee: $17.64 $17.64
Technology Fee: $107.40 $107.40
Registration Fee: $57.60 $57.60
Infrastructure Fee: $16.50 $16.50
Material Fee: $386.40 $386.40
Graduation Fee:  $20.70 $62.10
Total: $2726.10** $6882.00**

Fees are effective as of August 2nd, 2016
*These fees are term based and may vary due to the length of the program.
**Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary depending on courses taken.

Books & Supplies

Books are available at the NWCC Bookstore. Please check your local campus for details.

Tool Kits are available at the NWCC Tool Crib. Kits are limited and reserved for students enrolled in specific Trades programs only. Please pay for your tool kit at the Registration Office.

In addition to the fees outlined in the Program Fees section, the following additional costs apply:

• C.S.A. approved safety footwear (WorkSafeBC regulations), safety glasses, coveralls
• Purchase of necessary learning resources (available at the NWCC Bookstore)
• Learners are also required to provide: pencils, pens, eraser, three ring binder, paper (lined & unlined) and gloves