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Enhanced Welding Foundation


A welder is a person who has training in and is capable of welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals in all positions, on both plate and/or pipe. Using various welding processes.  Certified welders qualify for test with CSA, BCSA and for ASME procedures in British Columbia. 

This new training model is to provide additional essential skills, job readiness skills as well as workplace training experience to foundation students in order to enhance their skills and make them a valued employee with in local industry.  With the cooperation of partner companies, students will be given a work experience opportunity which will put students in a better position to acquire apprenticeship positions within industry and local employers will have had an opportunity to observe and train these students to determine if there is a desire to take them on as a continuing employee. 


This new model will include the ITA mandated foundation training, 1 week of safety certs (forklift, occupational first aid level 1, fall protection, WHMIS, transportation of dangerous goods and construction safety training systems), 6 weeks essential skill training (communication & listening skills, anger & self-management, interpersonal skills, lifelong learning skills, teamwork, working independently alongside others, working jointly with a partner, work as a member of a team, participate in supervisory or leadership roles, positive attitudes, keeping your focus, accepting guidance and direction, successful service skills, and resume and interview skills), and a 3 week community project.


Program Outline 
Line # Course Name 
Occupational Skills
B Cutting and Gouging Processes 
C Fusion and Braze Welding Using the Oxy-Fuel Process 
D Sheilded Metal Arc Welding 
E Semi-Automatic and Automatic Welding
F Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 
H Basic Metallurgy 
I Welding Drawings Layout and Fabrication 
N Forklift 
O Occupational First Aid 
P Fall Protection 
R Transportation of Dangerous Goods 
S Lock out Tag Out 
T Essential Skills 
U Work Experience 
Admission Requirements 
  • Grade 12 Graduation or Mature Student 
  • English 10 or equivalent 
  • Apprenticeship Workplace Math 10 or equivalent OR
  • Successful Completion of CAT assessment 

Complete a NWCC Bursary Application [PDF]

Dates and Locations 
Terrace   September 4, 2018 June 28, 2019
Future Intakes:
Terrace   Fall 2019*  
Terrace   Fall 2020*  

*Future planned intakes may be subject to change.  Please check back to confirm availability.

Program Fees 
FEES  Full-time Domestic (40 Weeks) Full-time International (40 Weeks)
Tuition: $3,799.60 $16,148.30
Student Union Fees: $124.56 $124.56
Mandatory Fees: $2,320.00 $2,387.32
Health Insurance:  N/A $234.60
Total Tuition: $6,244.16 $18,894.78

Fees effective August 7, 2018

Books & Supplies

Books are available at the NWCC Bookstore.  Please visit your local campus for details or view your current booklist online by selecting your desired campus.

Tool Kits are available for purchase through the NWCC Tool Crib. Kits are limited and reserved for students enrolled in specific Trades programs only. Tool kits do not include the required PPE and Supplies on the TOOLS/SUPPLIES LIST. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please pay for tool kits at the Registration Office.

​In addition to the fees outlined in the Program Fees section, the following additional costs apply:

  • Purchase of necessary learning resources (available at the NWCC Bookstore)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Tools