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Entrepreneurship Certificate Program


Note:  This program is not currently accepting applications.  For more information please speak with an Educational Advisor.

Increase the odds of business start-up success.

The Entrepreneurship program helps you learn the essential practical skills to successfully develop a business plan.  Through hands-on learning, we will teach you the practical skills and marketing and communication strategies to apply for business loans. Train to become business literate through formal experiential learning and increases the odds of business start-success. 

With the NWCC Entrepreneurship Certificate you will:

  • Learn important steps that can make your business plan a reality
  • Develop a marketing and communication strategy to bring your idea to market
  • Earn 21 transfer credits towards an NWCC Business Administration Diploma
  • Become positioned to apply for business loans with Community Futures 

Note:  This program is currently only available to students in Grades 11 and 12 enrolled in Prince Rupert School District #52. Students receive dual credits for their work.

Program Outline 

ENTR-150 (3) - Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
ENTR-151 (3) - Introduction to Northern Business 
ENTR-152 (3) - Marketing and Management 
BCPT-150 (3) - Business Computers
ACCT-150 (3) - Introduction to Accounting 
BENG-150 (3) - Business Communications
BLAW-152 (3) - Business Law 
ECON-150 (3) - Microeconomics 
ECON-151 (3) - Macroeconomics 
MATH-150 (3) - Math of Finance 

Admission Requirements 
  • English 12 or First People's English 12 or NWCC ENGL 050 or ENGL 044 AND
  • Principles of Math 11, Applications of Math 12 or NWCC MATH 0401/0402 or MATH 046 Advanced Business/Technical Math, or MATH 047; OR 
  • Office Assistant Certificate plus Accounting Certificate, both with a "B" average, from NWCC's Applied Business Technology Program OR
  • Successful completion of the Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) 

Need help with the application process?  Contact an Educational Advisor.

Dates and Locations 

Prince Rupert

Dates TBD.  Program available upon demand.

Program Fees 
Tuition $2,685.60
Student Association Fee $62.76
Canadian Federation of Students Fee $17.64
Technology Fee $114.60
Registration Fee $57.60
Infrastructure Fee $17.10
Graduation Fee:  $16.20
*Books $1,500.00
*Supplies/Clothing $100.00
Total $4,555.30