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Entrepreneurship Certificate Program


The Entrepreneurship Program helps student learn the essential practical skills to successfully develop a business plan. It allows students to become business literate through formal experiential learning and increases the odds of business start-success. 

With the NWCC Entrepreneurship Certificate you will:

  • Learn important steps that can make your business plan a reality.
  • Develop a marketing and communication strategy to bring your idea to market
  • Earn 21 transfer credits towards an NWCC Diploma in Business Administration 
  • Become positioned to apply for business loans with Community Futures 
Program Outline 

ENTR-150 (3) - Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
ENTR-151 (3) - Introduction to Northern Business 
ENTR-152 (3) - Marketing and Management 
BCPT-150 (3) - Business Computers
ACCT-150 (3) - Introduction to Accounting 
BENG-150 (3) - Business Communications
BLAW-152 (3) - Business Law 
ECON-150 (3) - Microeconomics 
ECON-151 (3) - Macroeconomics 
MATH-150 (3) - Math of Finance 

Admission Requirements 
  • English 12 or First People's English 12 or NWCC ENGL 050 or ENGL 044 AND
  • Principles of Math 11, Applications of Math 12 or NWCC MATH 0401/0402 or MATH 046 Advanced Business/Technical Math, or MATH 047; OR 
  • Office Assistant Certificate plus Accounting Certificate, both with a "B" average, from NWCC's Applied Business Technology Program OR
  • Successful completion of the Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) 
Dates and Locations 


Program Fees 
Tuition $2,685.60
Student Association Fee $62.76
Canadian Federation of Students Fee $17.64
Technology Fee $114.60
Registration Fee $57.60
Infrastructure Fee $17.10
Graduation Fee:  $16.20
*Books $1,500.00
*Supplies/Clothing $100.00
Total $4,555.30