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Heavy Mechanical Foundation


The Heavy Mechanical Foundation program is a 36 week program that combines in school and work based training designed to meet the competency standards and profile defined by the Industry Training Authority, The program prepares students for entry level positions as apprentices in four trades:

Program Outline 

ITA has approved a new apprenticeship training model for the Heavy Mechanical Trades. The full-time, 36-week program is competency-based covering all theory and practical components for a complement of valuable technical skills.

For more information, visit the ITA.

Career Opportunities 

Graduates of the Heavy Mechanical Foundation program typically find employment with service garages or industrial firms as apprentices engaged in the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and associated equipment.

Admission Requirements 
  • Grade 12 OR Mature Student 
  • English 10 or Equivalent 
  • Apprenticeship Workplace Math 10 or Higher 


  • Successful completion of a CAT Assessment Test 


  • Permission of Instructor.

Complete a NWCC Bursary Application [PDF]

Dates and Locations 
Location Start End
Terrace  September 10, 2018 June 8, 2019
Future Intakes:
Terrace Fall 2019*  
Prince Rupert Winter 2019*  
Terrace Winter 2019*  
Terrace Fall 2020*  

*Future planned intakes may be subject to change.  Please check back to confirm availability.

Program Fees 
FEES Full-time Domestic (36 Weeks) Full-time International (36 Weeks)
Tuition:  $2,568.24 $10,915.02
Student Union Fees:    $124.56 $124.56
Mandatory Fees:  $738.72 $806.04
Health Insurance:  N/A $234.60
Tuition Total:  $3,431.52 $12,080.22

Fees are effective as of August 7, 2018

Books & Supplies

Books are available at the NWCC Bookstore. Please check your local campus for details.​

Tool Kits are available for purchase through the NWCC Tool Crib. Kits are limited and reserved for students enrolled in specific Trades programs only. Tool kits do not include the required PPE and Supplies on the TOOLS/ SUPPLIES LIST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

In addition to the fees outlined in the Program Fees section, the following additional costs apply:

  • Purchase of necessary learning resources (available at the NWCC Bookstore)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Tools