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Plumbers install, alter, and repair the systems that keep our water disposal systems running, and that provide many of the basic amenities we rely on day-to-day. They read and interpret blueprints and project specifications. Plumbers also select the type and size of pipe required for a project and measure, shape, and join pipes according to the appropriate specifications. They sometimes alter structures to accommodate the pipes. Plumber is a nationally designated trade under the Inter-provincial Red Seal program.

Program Outline 

The program is competency based and classes and shop time are scheduled Monday-Friday. The 21 week program delivers the complete theoretical and practical outcomes of the provincially accredited Level 1 Plumbing Apprentice Program. Students accumulate 375 hours towards practical training hours. 

Career Opportunities 

Upon completion students will be able to work towards becoming a Journeyman Plumber. 

Admission Requirements 
  • Grade 12 recommended
  • Physics 11 recommended 
  • English 11 or Equivalent 
  • Apprenticeship Workplace Math 11 (AMW 11) or Higher OR
  • Successful completion of a CAT assessment test OR
  • Permission of Instructor 

Bursary applications:

Dates and Locations 
Prince Rupert  August 29, 2016 February 3, 2017
Program Fees 
Plumbing Foundation Tuition 21 week program 
Tuition: $1439.97
*Student Assocation: $63.48
*Canadian Federation of Students: $17.76
Technology Fee: $75.18
Material Fee: $270.48
Registration Fee: $40.32
Infrastructure Fee: $11.55
Graduation Fee: $14.49
Total: $1933.23**

Fees are effective as of August 2nd, 2016
*These fees are term based and may vary due to the length of the program.
**Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary depending on courses taken.

Books & Supplies

Please contact the Bookstore for further information at 250-635-6511 ext. 5356

For additional infortmation regarding books and supplies, contact:

Kevin Jeffery
1-877-277-2288 ext 5239


Bernadette McNabb
1-877-277-2288 ext 5719