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Welding Foundations


A Welder is a person who has training in and is capable of welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals in all positions, on both plate and/or pipe, using SMAW, GTAW, and FCAW processes. Welders use manual or semi-automatic welding equipment. They use flame-cutting, brazing and air-arcing equipment. Additionally, they use machines such as brakes, shears and other metal straightening and bending machines. Welders generally plan work from drawings or by analyzing the job tasks, determine the materials required and welding processes, then use their knowledge of welding to complete the job. They may specialize in certain types of welding such as custom fabrication, ship building and repair, pressure vessel welding, pipeline construction welding, structural construction welding or machinery and equipment repair welding. Workers use blueprint symbols to determine machining operations. They check product specifications using precision measuring instruments, and maintain equipment and replace parts when required.

Program Outline 

Welding Foundation Training is for individuals who are not indentured into a formal welding apprenticeship with their employer through the Industry Training Authority (ITA). Foundations (initial level) offered in the Modular Training format.

  • Foundations – 28 weeks of in-school training and 5 months work experience (equivalent to Level 1 & Level 2 apprenticeship Technical Training)
Career Opportunities 

Graduates find employment in fabrication shops, maintenance shops and manufacturing plants servicing the fishing, forestry, mining, petroleum, manufacturing and transportation industries. Foundations Welders are restricted to structural and non-pressure applications. Certified Level 3 Welders are eligible to obtain pressure welding certification. Certified Level 4 Welders are eligible to work throughout the welding industry.

Admission Requirements 
  • ​Grade 12 OR Mature Student 
  • English 10 or Equivalent AND 
  • Apprenticeship Workplace Math 10 or Higher OR
  • Successful completion of a CAT Assessment Test
Dates and Locations 

View the Enhanced Welding Foundation dates and locations.

Level Location Start End
Foundation Prince Rupert November 26, 2018 June 21, 2019
Program Fees 


Welding Foundations and Youth Train Programs 

FEES Full-time (28 Weeks) International (28 Weeks)
Tuition: $1,309.16 $8,489.46
Student Union Fees: $83.04 $83.04
Mandatory Fees: $1,226.12 $1,271.00
Health Insurance: N/A $234.60
Total: $2,618.32 $10,078.10

Fees are effective as of August 7, 2018

Foundations Book List

Tool List:  $654.16 (including taxes)

Books are available at the NWCC Bookstore. Please check your local campus for details.​

Tool Kits are available for purchase through the NWCC Tool Crib. Kits are limited and reserved for students enrolled in specific Trades programs only. Tool kits do not include the required PPE and Supplies on the TOOLS/SUPPLIES LIST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

In addition to the fees outlined in the Program Fees section, the following additional costs apply:

  • Purchase of necessary learning resources (available at the NWCC Bookstore)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Tools