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University Credit (UC) - Bachelor's Degree Path

Associate Degree and course transfer options

Associate Degrees – Arts and Science Bachelor Degree Path

The Associate of Arts Degree and Associate of Science Degree are provincial credentials designed to prepare students for careers following graduation or for transfer into a Bachelor’s Degree program.

The Associate Degree curriculum comprises two years of university level study in a variety of academic areas. Students complete a broad range of courses, balanced with in-depth study in specific disciplines. They can earn the first two years of a four-year Bachelor Degree and then transfer* directly into the third year of a degree program at BC universities.

Graduates with an Associate Degree who do pursue further study receive priority admission at some BC universities - SFU and UNBC offer an admission advantage to students who have completed an Associate Degree - with many institutions guaranteeing 60 transfer credits for the completed associate degree even if all the courses taken towards the degree don’t transfer individually to that institution.**

Both the Associate of Arts Degree and Associate of Science Degree offer flexibility that allow students to plan their educational program and complete the required 1st and 2nd year courses of their intended major. An Associate Degree is a recognized and credible academic achievement.

An Associate of Arts Degree is a key pathway to Social Services and Humanities Degrees such as English, History, Psychology and Anthropology.

Specialization options exist for Associate of Arts degree students at NWCC:

First Nations Studies
Sustainable Communities

An Associate of Science Degree is a key pathway into Biological, Health and Medical degrees.

Specialization options exist for Associate of Science degree students at NWCC:

Environmental Geoscience

Obtaining an Associate Degree from NWCC reduces the total cost of the four-year bachelor’s degree and provides a strong academic foundation from which to transition into a university setting.

Visit the Associate Degree of Arts or Associate Degree of Science web pages for complete Associate Degree program details. For more information on BC Associate Degrees visit

Core Course Guarantee

Northwest Community College offers a core set of 1st year courses that allow students to complete the first year of an Associate of Arts Degree in one full academic year at Prince Rupert, Smithers and Terrace campuses. NWCC also offers a core set of 2nd year courses required for completion of a two-year Associate of Arts Degree or Science Degree in two full academic years at both Prince Rupert and Terrace, and those required to complete an Associate of Arts Degree in three years at Smithers (this can be shortened if combined with online courses).

In addition to the guaranteed core courses, Northwest Community College offers a wide range of 1st and 2nd year university credit elective courses, including those required for Social Service Worker, Computer Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs.

Course Credit for Transfer to other Post-secondary Institutions

Northwest Community College offers a comprehensive program of University Credit courses that transfer to universities, university-colleges and other colleges in British Columbia. First and second year courses are available on a full-time or selected offerings basis at several College campuses. Students intending to pursue an undergraduate degree at a university can complete their first two years of study at NWCC and tailor their course selections to meet the requirements of their desired degree*, or accumulate credits.

Visit the University Credit Courses section for a comprehensive list of all UC courses.

*Students who plan to transfer credit to another NWCC program or postsecondary institution should first consult with the institution to determine admission requirements and appropriate university credit electives. For more information about course transferability visit

**Information referenced from Frequently Asked Questions about the Associate Degree; Retrieved August 10, 2006 from BC Transfer Web site